According to the Surgeon General, over 60% of Adult Americans are overweight. If you are part of this 60% plus, and you are over 40, then you are on the right web site.

Are you tired of hearing these "fat facts" and knowing that you are part of them? Then start using Slim-CareTM today. Dispel the myth that low fat is boring, tasteless and does not work and that exercise is for losers.

It is time that you do what is best for you and make the life style changes, not just diet changes, to stop the yo-yo effect that most people experience. Take the hassel out of your life & enjoy eating again.

Believe it or not, this diet is low in Cholesterol and Saturated Fats. If your Cholesterol level or Tryglyceride level is high, this is also the diet to help you reduce these levels.

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Slim-CareTM will be the last weight loss program you will ever need to help you lose those unwanted pounds and maintain your new found weight. And yes, it can even help reduce your cholesterol & triglyceride level if necessary.

When I was in high school I weighed over 200# (5'3"). I managed to lose 65# while, in college, becoming a Registered Dietitian. My next challenge was to keep it off without a yo-yo effect and the idea of Slim-Care
TM was born. To this date, 30 years later, I have maintained my weight at 135#.

Now, Slim-Care
TM is being made available to you to use in the privacy of your own home or you may form your own group. There are no gimmicks, special foods to buy or a high priced fee. You can use this Program to shed those unwanted pounds.

Yes, exercise plays a key role. Walking 2 miles per day will take care of it. No need to join a health club or purchase expensive exercise equipment. There are no special foods to buy, in fact, you can include your favorite foods on the meal plan you select. The key is selection, preparation and portion control. All foods are required by Federal Law to have a nutritional label. Using this information, select lower fat meats, salad dressings, milk, cheeses, ice cream and desserts. Fruits and Vegetables are all fat-free unless you add the fats yourself.

Now I know what you are thinking, NO FLAVOR to the food, WRONG, reduced fat foods can be as tasty or tastier than high fat foods when you use herbs and seasonings along with grilling (gas or electric). The flavor is enhanced and the fat is grilled out. Now for the hard part; yes, you will need to measure your portions until you can eye ball it, however, that also happens with practice.

Yes, you have time to walk (coffee breaks, lunch break, early AM, late PM, whenever time permits). As you begin to lose weight, you will feel better & your clothes will fit again. You will also feel guilty if you miss your 2 mile walk (burning 200 calories). Now for that candy bar, those french fries, ice cream sundae or whatever your weakness is, figure out the calories & is it worth an extra 4-6 mile walk, it probably isn't.

A healthy weight loss is not going to happen unless you make changes in your food selections and start a daily exercise program(walking). No matter what anyone tells you, your weight loss will only be temporary.

You will also have free access to recipes & lists of foods geared to help you enjoy what you eat.

Slim-CareTM includes:

This is THE Lifestyle Program that will take you into the 21st century. It does not cost hundreds of dollars or require "special foods" to achieve results. Develop your lifestyle changes in the privacy of your own home.




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Excerpts from unsolicited letters:

"A Life-style you can live with!"
"I have more energy now and am eating better."
"Buying more nutritious foods, I'm saving $10 a week on my grocery bill!"
"I'm losing inches & weight without even trying."
"Analysis was very helpful & informative."
"A way of eating that I can stay on."
"It's fabulous"
"I've lost a shoe size in 8 weeks"
"It's not a weed and seed diet."
"No re-introduction to foods."

"It's fabulous"

About the author...

Janette Wessels is a Registered Dietitian with over 30 years of clinical experience. She has had the opportunity to work with and educate thousands of weight loss clients/patients.

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