The Crown Syndicate properties are the center and Apex of one of the most valuable mineral veins in Colorado.  The major vein is base metal(lead, zinc, copper with large precious metal values) and many crossings by smaller pyritic veins.

The A.A. Steele report on the Lord Byron Gold Mine shows exceptionally high values based on an expectation of average vein widths of 2 or 3 inches found during early development work in areas near the surface..  The ore veins were later found to penetrate the dike and reach widths of at least 10 feet.

Humboldt Consolidated, based on their mining operations(1936-1939) above the 2nd Level found  vein widths of 10 feet.

The Lord Byron Gold Mining Company invested approximately $1,500,000(1898-1900) in development funds with which the mineral reserves of the Lord Byron and the Lord Wellington Lodes  were established.  Of those reserves, only 10% have been mined to date.

Those development funds, in today's dollars, would be equivalent to over $100,000,000.


This is a copy of a letter from Charles Gehrmann:
The man that developed the Stanley Mine.
The date was December 6, 1943.
The Road Adit is the key to the entire problem.

The plan would be to clean the Road Adit to its breast, then cross-cut into the foot wall of the porphyry through it and strike the ore deposit or streak which is shown or has been seen in the old Stanley first shaft, on top of the hill in Spring Gulch. Opened by Tom Peaver and Fred Brierly sunk with a horse and whim. Then to drift out into the hill towards the old Camps home house where Dr. Mead lived, to the old shaft near the home.

This is probably towards the Niagara claim, then continue the drift or Adit tunnel along the line of the claims of the Crown Syndicate under the outcrop of the ore Crazy Robertson found. Continue the developing drift on under Beaver Gulch to the vein opened and drifted on at Beaver Gulch, opened by Peter Hopper under my work for the Crown Syndicate.

This is the main big vein fault of the Colorado Central Mine at Georgetown and will make a continuous ore body from the Beaver Gulch out-crop (In the bottom of the tunnel drift) through to the Niagara in Spring Gulch (Dr. Meads house-old Camp house shaft) then to the top of the hill to the Whim shaft on the original Stanley Claim, then to the Golden Link shaft which connects with the Road Adit down to the old Plutus shaft, (now called Gehrmann shaft) thence goes under the creek high back across the creek to the Hukill vein visible and opened along the surface almost to the head of Virginia Canyon. Same plan the Freighters Friend at one time worked, opened by the old post-master, Shepherd, at Idaho Springs.

This is the course and strike of the main vein or big Fault mineralized vein from the Colorado Central Mine at Georgetown on to Beaver Gulch, then through Spring Gulch-Crown Syndicate-Niagara to Stanley whim shaft, then Golden Link shaft house, then to Road Adit, Gehrmann shaft, across Clear Creek to old Hukill workings up the hill.

It splits at the Freighters Friend.

By this development breast of the Road Adit through to Beaver Gulch will be one continuous ore body. In Beaver Gulch the ore in the bottom of the Adit drift ran as high as 2000 ounces in silver, small amount of gold (1/2 oz.) galena, quartz and black oxide of copper or black copper ore. Would be the greatest ore body in the county and perhaps the State. I, J.B. Furstenberg, called on Mr. Gehrmann in Illinois in 1941 at which time he told me all of this and said to be sure to do this work but my son was killed by the Japs in the S. Pacific and did not get back to do it. I have Gehrmann's letter of which the above is a copy.
J.B. Furstenberg
"The principal authorities consulted in the preparation of this project have been the various engineering hand books and the trade publications of the makers of mining machinery, but chiefly the notes of the lectures on mining delivered by Professor Munroe and Professor Peele. These would have been of little avail, but for the patient personal assistance of Professor Peele to whom the author is deeply grateful."


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