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Lord Byron Mine-4th Level-  The ore in this level has not been touched since this picture was taken in 1899.



                        Assay of Pyrite Ore Sample



  Average grade/value of 1 ton of ore in place.
  Au    1.5 oz/s.t.    $1504.70         $2257.05
  Ag    10 oz/s.t.     $45.89             $  458.90
  Pb    30%            $1.22 lb.          $  732.00
  Zn      5%            $1.06lb.           $ 106.00
  Cu      1.5%         $4.35 lb.          $130.50

     Total Value Per Ton               $3684.45
      as of April. 21, 2011

" Then continue the drift or Adit tunnel along the line of the claims of the Crown Syndicate under the outcrop of the ore Crazy Robertson found. Continue the developing drift on under Beaver Gulch to the vein opened and drifted on at Beaver Gulch, opened by Peter Hopper under my work for the Crown Syndicate."

"By this development breast of the Road Adit through to Beaver Gulch will be one continuous ore body. In Beaver Gulch the ore in the bottom of the Adit drift ran as high as 2000 ounces in silver, small amount of gold (1/2 oz.) galena, quartz and black oxide of copper or black copper ore. Would be the greatest ore body in the county and perhaps the state. "

  A 1906 exploratory shaft on one of the properties originally sunk to a depth of 47 feet, re-opened and re-evaluated in 1982, shows the entire bottom of the shaft in high grade mineral. The dirt around the strategic mineral vein averages 1/2 ounce of gold per ton.

In that same year(1982) and in subsequent years, we sampled many different sections of the ore vein.  The samples shown below were taken from the mine during that period.


  Information in this Report was obtained from The Lord Byron and The Lord Wellington Mines (1885 to date).


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